Bath Volunteers for Service, through the proceeds from various annual fund-raising events, conducts annually an application process for two grant areas - Community Grants and Student Grants and Awards.

Community Grants

Starting annually in September with applications due October 31, BVS opens the grant application process to local charities and non-profit organizations. Notices are sent to local publications and the Revere School District.  See our Community Grants page with directions for application, access to application forms and additional information.

BVS traditionally supports organizations based on their funding sources, proximity within Summit County, financial impact of the donation, and specifics regarding how the money will be utilized and the number of people it will directly impact.

Student Grants and Awards

Each spring, BVS presents two different financial awards to graduating seniors.  We are proud to announce due to the success of our fund raising event in 2023 we are increasing the amount of the 2024 Scholarship Grant from $4000 to $6000.  

Scholarship Grant

The Scholarship Grant of $6000 is awarded to a graduating senior attending Revere High School for post-secondary education.  This grant is based on verified financial need and is paid annually to the school of higher education that the student attends.

Volunteer Service Merit Award

The Bath Volunteers for Service acknowledges the value of volunteering and encourages graduating seniors who have demonstrated that volunteer service has become an integral part of their emerging philosophy of life to apply for these $1000 awards.

The Merit Award information and application is provided to local school’s guidance office and available on the BVS website starting in February each year.  Only applicants that live in the Revere Local School District or attend Revere High School are eligible to apply.  Applicants living in the Revere Local School District and attending other area high schools or are home schooled are encouraged to apply.