Thank you for your interest in applying for a Bath Volunteers for Service (BVS) grant.  The 2024 grant cycle is open from September 5 through October 31, 2023. Programs and projects where funding is requested should take place in 2024 and meet the mission objectives of BVS.  The application requirements this year include the organization’s EIN number, both short and long narrative responses, uploading the summary page of the organization’s 990 tax form, a list of the board of directors and a project/program budget. 

The application process has been changed to an online form which can be reached by using the following link: 2024 Grant Application

The completed application and required documents must be received by midnight October 31, 2023.  The form can be automatically submitted upon completion and received with a time stamp.  

Questions can be sent to: Please note this email is only monitored a few times during the week.  

BVS annually conducts three fundraising events and thanks to outstanding community support of the BVS Home Tour, Bath Pony Show, and Trivia and Tacos events, BVS is pleased to announce that in 2023 over $57,000 has been returned to the community in student scholarships and grants to 35 area service organizations.  

Grant Recipients


BVS accepts grant applications from local charities and non-profits to fund items and/or programs that enhance their ability to carry out their mission (not general operations expenses or payroll). Grants are awarded to a diverse group of organizations that benefit families and children, including those trying to combat poverty, provide crisis intervention and support exceptional educational and healthcare opportunities, in addition to other community interests. 

BVS traditionally tries to support organizations based on their funding sources, their closeness to home (this means not just Bath and Richfield, but Akron too), considering the financial impact of our donation and the reputation of the organization. Grant awards generally range from $50 up to $3,000. Please note that approved BVS allocation payments are often provided only upon receipt of statements for services or products rather than in advance. You may wish to take this into account as you plan.